Cody Alan Reel

I'm just a crazy guy trying to figure out what I'm doing and doing things that make me happy, whatever the fuck they are.

Tumblr is just a combination of the two Wordpress blogs that I run (I run two separate ones and I post them to tumblr for marketing purposes).

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The liberal cause and SOLUTION to poverty.

Liberal logic about the cause of poverty is simply this: if a man has $100 and I don’t, the fact that I have $0 (or any amount lower than this) is his fault because he has that $100. My $0 (or any lesser amount) is caused by him having $100, because I don’t have because he has. This is proclaimed as self-evident. And it is justifiable for me to vote for someone who promises to use people with…

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Liberals don’t use logic.

If heterosexuality is a “social construct”, then why isn’t homosexuality a “social construct”? If it isn’t considered a “social construct” because it’s a minority, and minorities get to define what minorities mean, then why can’t rich people define what it means to be rich since they are also a “minority”?

If people are born gay, why aren’t people born straight?

What is “socially constructed”…

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The “diverse” individual natures of the fool and the intelligent: my life’s work.

Fools will always be fools, and nothing will change this.

Self-esteem is the only thing that saves the intelligent, but if he cannot obtain self-esteem with his first actions, the intelligent always has intelligence to fall back on if he has enough self-esteem to do so, meaning that if he can’t find self-esteem, he should probably look towards his intelligence first.

But fools will always be fools

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