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I'm just a crazy guy trying to figure out what I'm doing and doing things that make me happy, whatever the fuck they are.

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Politics (including internal university politics) are all the same.

Politics (including internal university politics) are all the same.

Politics is all about causing destruction and patting yourself on the back.

That’s exactly what university chancellors do when they celebrate enrolled students who have piled on tens of thousands of dollars of debt to learn faulty philosophies and basically to get drilled in the head with agenda-pushing.




Libertarianism and Capitalism.

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What, the honest-to-God’s truth, college is.

What, the honest-to-God’s truth, college is.

College is paying a lot of money to get drunk and fuck.

And most colleges are liberal colleges nowadays, so you get that good old-fashioned liberal brainwashing as well (do yourself a favor, and click on the link that is in the previous text. Just go through and watch some of those videos. Click on “Older Posts” as well at the bottom left hand side. Really, do yourself that favor).



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The dumbassery of the liberal position on property rights.

The dumbassery of the liberal position on property rights.

Liberals: “Let’s discuss private property rights, but I want more free stuff and we should all help poor people.”


Without private property, you don’t get to keep any of your stuff because it is no longer “private”, and “helping out poor people” does nothing without private property rights, where they can keep what is given to them (i.e., what is “private“).


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The constant pain that intelligent people feel.

The constant pain that intelligent people feel.

It hurts me when people tell me to do things that contradict my nature, and it hurts me when people assume that there is such a thing for me as “thinking too much”, or that the “amount” or “depth” with which I think is “too much” for me: in other words, placing these value judgments upon me as ultimate truths when they aren’t.

This hurts me more than anything else that people could do to me, and

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Individualism Epistemology

Although I am fully aware that my attempts at what I want to do are going to fall completely flat on their face, it nonetheless brings me enjoyment to attempt to do such with all of the various things which run through my head for their various reasons. I will fail, but my goal is to discuss individualism as close to the truthful root as this concept can go. If you want to ask why I would…

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