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I'm just a crazy guy trying to figure out what I'm doing and doing things that make me happy, whatever the fuck they are.

Tumblr is just a combination of the two Wordpress blogs that I run (I run two separate ones and I post them to tumblr for marketing purposes).

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Mises - Human Action quote

Mises – Human Action quote

“It is vain to object that life and reality are not logical. Life and reality are neither logical nor illogical; they are simply given. But logic is the only tool available to man for the comprehension of both. It is vain to object that life and history are inscrutable and ineffable and that human reason can never penetrate to their inner core. The critics contradict themselves in uttering words…

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Ayn Rand – Love is Selfish

This woman is so intelligent. Christianity. I agree with what she says about altruism and collectivism in the political sense, but I still think that people can care for one another in charitable ways, even though one does get a personal enjoyment from helping others.

"Equal rights" means "free stuff."

“Equal rights” means “free stuff.”

Having “equal rights” doesn’t guarantee you that you get a job as a woman if a man gets a job as well.

“Equal rights” has to do with the Federal government not creating laws that directly PROHIBIT the hiring of women (of course, this doesn’t seem to be the case with conscription).

Equal rights ALSO doesn’t involve killing unborn babies.

The liberals are killing everything.


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WHY aren’t there more female mechanics (and other jobs)? Is it sexism? Or is it biology? (It’s biology).

WHY aren’t there more female mechanics (and other jobs)? Is it sexism? Or is it biology? (It’s biology).

WHY aren’t there more female mechanics?

Is it because of “the patriarchy” and “sexism”?

Or is it because wives sexually manipulate their husbands in order for the husbands to do all of the dirty work like fixing the car, and because they’ve had more experience, they’re just better at it plus a woman would rather sexually manipulate a man to get it done cheaper than it would have costed?

In other…

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